Dose vs Dosage

Dose and dosage are commonly used medical terms that we often heard from the doctors who prescribed pills, tablets, capsules and other panacea. These words are also being encountered ... Continue Reading →

Step Siblings Vs Half Siblings

    It is grateful to have a brother or a sister regardless if you’re related by blood or not. No one wants to be an only child because definitely you would dream of having someone ... Continue Reading →

Book vs Novel

    Reading makes one become knowledgeable when it comes to the latest trends or in the literary forms of writing. It suffices the mind and soul with various information regarding ... Continue Reading →

Italian vs Sicilian

Italy is located in the part of Southern Europe. Navigating on the part of Southern Italy, you may find Sicily. This island is bounded by the bodies of waters – Mediterranean, Tyrrhenian ... Continue Reading →

Gang vs Mafia

Syndicates and other organization of criminals are association of people who commits illicit activities for the sole purpose of pecuniary gain, wealth and fame. These vicious groups ... Continue Reading →

Duel vs Dual

Some of the English terms that we had encountered, namely duel and dual, yet few are still being confused on the usage and pronunciation of these words. When you’re inviting someone ... Continue Reading →

Sheep vs Ram

Isn’t nice to visit a simple place like an old house with a wide farm? Have you seen flocks of sheep or ram manage by a shepherd? Have you seen their wool being sheared and trimmed ... Continue Reading →

Graphs vs Charts

Written reports, thesis, financial statements and the like are more accurate, informative, reliable and relevant when some illustrations are used for statistical and decision making ... Continue Reading →

Pollination Vs Fertilization

Reproduction is the process of procreation by which living things produce a new organism known as “offspring” through the union of the parents’ reproductive cells in the phases ... Continue Reading →

Secretion Vs Excretion

  During your physical exercise, sweat emerges from the external layer of the skin due to the massive motion of the muscles and inner glands as well as the effect of the heat. What ... Continue Reading →