Assimilation vs Accommodation

assimilation vs accommodation

The ideology of assimilation and accommodation are not just simple words found in the dictionary. These two are sociological terminologies used by Pagiet, who is a social scientist. The aforementioned terms are necessary for the development of human beings in the field of cognitive concepts. The distinction of the two is defined and explained below.

Assimilation occurs when people’s pre-existing perceptions, ideas and knowledge change due to the influenced by the environment. People will be adaptive and flexible as to these changes. In the process of human development, this is the initial phase of development stage wherein for instance, the infant usually puts anything in his mouth whenever he holds something, but when he handles a different thing, the infant will have a different instinct of carrying it on his hands.

On the other hand, the accommodation is the process that considers the other factors that might affect the conclusions and presumptions of an individual. It is also a result based on the influenced of the environment. The pre-existing thoughts of a person change because of the other matters that affect his principles. Again, this happens during and/or the last stage of human development phase. A good example is when a child used to play to his cat as their pet at home. If the child finds another cat in a different place and he tends to hold it like what he did to their pet, it will be a different one because they are both strangers to each other. The tendency is that the cat will react in an aggressive manner. The perception of the child will change because he will presume that not all pets are tame but some others are undomesticated.


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