Difference Between Antivirus vs Internet Security

Antivirus vs internet security

A good protection on your computer will likely result to better experience and more productivity in using it.  This perhaps the main reason for which most people opt for the best protection in the market – and allot budget to ensure its longer service.

An antivirus software differs from an internet security by means of coverage in protection. The basic operation of scanning for bugs, viruses or grime in your computer is easily done by the antivirus and collects the signature of these threats in the vaults for easier recognition the next time you activate your antivirus. It also needs updating as new threats develop when new antivirus software are also being developed.

As new age threats progress, an antivirus is not enough to secure your gadgets. This means that an internet security software is needed to enhance and advance your computer’s protection.

A total line of protection, an internet security, removes the threat in your computer and unwelcome threats such as phishing scams and hackers. It also offers more with the “firewall” – an internet-based protection. Lastly, it decreases your worry about malware and spyware that attempt to cross into your computers.

The market is filled with antivirus and internet security programs, what you need to worry is getting the best that will fit your budget.

Following are key Difference Between Antivirus vs Internet Security

  Antivirus Internet Security
Elaboration Is a software that cleans and detects out virus infected files. Sort of applications that aims to protect user against any threat from the internet.
Cost Cheaper than Internet security More expensive
Protection Basic protection. It cannot prevent virus it does not recognize. Provide defense against hackers, many threats, and keep the computer secure.
Security Cannot safeguard against many threats. Can safeguard against many threats there is a firewall.


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