Difference Between American vs French manicures

american   vs   french manicures

One of the most familiar nail art in the world, American and French manicures stand out as the pioneer that stirs the creativeness of women (and men) in creating wonderful nail art. But what really sets them different? Will a woman having a manicure in America means that she has American manicure? Here’s the story.

French manicure, also known as French tip is known for its solid white colored tips (it’s the part of the nail no longer attached to the skin) and a transparent (clear) or pink (natural nail bed color) base. It shows a cleaner style of manicure and perhaps this is the type that ladies’ learn (or perhaps, get in a shop) to do. The main problem girls experience with this manicure is when the white tips start to chip off.

A subtle upgrade to the French version is the American manicure. Still the white tips remain, however, the entire nail is then painted with a colored base – light in color to make the nails look more natural. It is not that quite noticeable comparing with the French one; however, most women prefer it due to its creativeness and effortless look. This becomes the “go to” manicure style for the ladies who have outgrown French manicure.

Following are key Difference Between American vs French manicures

American Manicure French Manicure
Base / Tip Light beige base white tip Pink base with white tip
Colors Uses creamier colors Uses stark white colors
Manicure style More natural to look than french Less natural to look than american
Form of nails Preferred squarer nails Preferred slightly rounded nails


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