Difference Between Amazon vs Amazon marketplace

amazon   vs   amazon marketplace

Online selling and retailing is now the new age of shopping. It offers convenience and easy access to almost everything you need. It also caters to new and second-hand products with at times the ability to talk to the product owner/seller. These are just the few reasons why people keep engaged to sites that offer this.

Amazon is one of the biggest online selling companies, and one of the most popular, too. The products sold here are numerous and sorted in different categories – household, gadgets, personal care, clothes, and many more. The flexibility of payment and return of products is also offered as regulated by the terms and conditions of the use of the site. Amazon is the seller of its own, but other sellers/retailers are also welcomed.

The Amazon Marketplace is made for interested sellers/retailers that are in the list of countries and members that have shown financial capability. In this section of Amazon, individuals as well as groups can make a purchase that can either be brand new or second-hand. Of course, when you become a part of the Marketplace, you are using the Amazon website. This means that a percentage of the price of the product is for the company.

Following are key Difference Between Amazon vs Amazon marketplace

Amazon Amazon Marketplace
Denote Online retailer of various products Online shopping network where other retailers can sell their products from the amazon site.
Listing List of products amazon has to offer List of amazon product and other sites products that are part of the marketplace.
Income No middle man so all the money is given to Amazon Percentage of each sale completed between another seller and the buyer


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