Difference Between Acrylic vs Latex paint

acrylic   vs   latex paint

Paint jobs can be the most difficult, but can also be the most creative one. There are hundreds of different colors in just one paint company, and with different kinds of paint. And new technologies developed new ways of paint adaptation, such as environmental friendly, fragrant, elastic and many more. Two of the most common kinds of paint innovation are Acrylic and Latex.

A person in line with paints will actually tell you that certainpaint is made for a purpose like the nature of the surface you will paint. Here are the characteristics of Latex and Acrylic.

Latex is a widely used home paint known for its water-based solution. It offers better elasticity, good for different types of weather. It is proven to withstand environmental factors, so colors do not fade easily. It is easier to clean with water, no strong odors (some even have fragrance), and has a drying time of approximately 6 hours least.

Acrylic paint is used for creative works, not just for painting canvas, but also for furniture. It is oil-based paint that offers better adhesion, but more drag on the paintbrush upon application. There is a noticeable odor, needs paint thinner and other similar products to clean paint marks, and takes a minimum of 8 hours to dry.

Following are key Difference Between Acrylic vs Latex paint

Acrylic Paint Latex Paint
Usage Used in artworks Used for painting structures and homes
Based Chemical based Water based
Elasticity More elastic than latex Less elastic than acrylic
Cost Expensive Less expensive


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