Difference Between A Hijab vs A Burqa

a hijab   vs   a burqa

A symbol of their faith and religion, a scarf worn on the women’s head in Islam, actually has different types. The common types are Hijab, Niqab, Burqa and others. However, in this article two of them will be differentiated – the Hijab and the Burqa.

Covering a women’s head, neck or face is an art. And it depends on their country on how they usually wear it. For those areas that have given women some freedom to show their face, they use Hijab. Hijab is considered as a headscarf. You can see women in the Western world or Southeast Asia wears scarf just to cover the head and the neck, but the face remains open.

Burqa or at times spelled as Burka is the most concealing Islamic veil. Some say this is the veil for the royal women as it does not show their faces. But other Islamic women wear Burka because of their faith, and those areas that are most conservative. It is made of a one piece cloth that covers the head, the face, the neck and the whole body. Only a mesh screen in the area of the eyes is present as the holes to see and breath.

Following are key Difference Between A Hijab vs A Burqa

  Hijab Burga
Annotation Is a headscarf worn over the head that covers the hair and the head. Is a loose dress that covers the whole body from head to foot.
Shielded / Covered Face is seen. No other part of the body is covered. Face is covered with veil. Whole body is covered.


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