14k Gold vs 18k Gold

Dig for the Deeper Gold

            The Purity of Gold is measured through karatage with units in k. A 24k is considered as pure gold while an 18k is 75% gold with 25% alloy metals and a 14k is 58.3% gold with 42% alloy metals. Alternatively, 18 k gold and 14k gold is also known as 750-gold and 583-gold respectively. As for the physical appearance, it is a bit difficult to discriminate at first glance which gold piece is 18k and which is 14k. But at a second scan, one can tell that an 18k gold is more vivid than a 14k gold. Also, for obvious reasons, an18k gold will definitely cost more than 14k gold; but a 14k gold is more resistant to tarnishing. Consequently, 14k gold is more frequently used in the US particularly as a wedding accessory as it is more durable; hence it is applicable for an everyday wear and tear and for people with a relatively active routine. Conversely, 18k gold is commonly used in Europe and Asia and used as an occasional wear only (ie special events, and social gatherings) and sometimes in electronics as it has a softer texture and may leave marks after a brief use. In conclusion, budget, durability, resistance, and use can be the basis in choosing between the two.



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